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Gas Leak Detector


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Regal Gas Chlorinator


Direct-mount . . . the all vacuum REGAL gas chlorinator is the safest,
most reliable way to be sure your water is bacteria free.

Simple . . . the REGAL's simple design (only 68 parts!) means faster
servicing, less downtime, longer life, lower operating costs.

Capacities Available: 1.5, 4, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, and 2000

Regal Sulphonator


REGAL Sulphonators have all the features and benefits of the acclaimed
REGAL Gas Chlorinator plus: built with rugged materials designed to
resist the effects of sulfur dioxide and provide years of
trouble-free service in applications that demand their use.

SULPHONATORS: With capacities from 4 to 500 PPD. Principle use is to
dechlorinate water, wastewater and industrial process water with sulfur
dioxide, in addition to other applications.

Regal Ammoniator


REGAL Ammoniators have all the features and benefits of the acclaimed
REGAL Gas Chlorinator plus: built with rugged materials designed to
resist the effects of ammonia and provide years of
trouble-free service in applications that demand their use.

AMMONIATORS: For applications in the potable water, wastewater,
petroleum, paper and wool processing industries; and to neutralize acids
industry-wide. Capacities from 4 to 100 PPD.

Regal Dual Cylinder Scale


The REGAL Dual Cylinder Scale is two separate scales in one unit, with
double adjustable cross-arms with chains, and provides a convenient
means to measure the amount of chlorine remaining in a cylinder.

Description: The REGAL Model SC401 dual cylinder scale independently
weighs the contents of two compressed gas cylinders simultaneously. The
1-1/2" high PVC base is constructed with solid supports to provide
added strength. The base houses two 12" diameter cylinder weighing
platforms and supports a column with an adjustable cross-arm with chains
for securing the gas cylinders. The cross-arm is adjustable up or down
to accommodate different sized cylinders. Two independent dial
mechanisms are housed at the head of the column with adjusting knobs
used to cancel out tare weight for each cylinder. Read-out dials then
show net contents remaining for each cylinder within 1% of full scale

Features - Accuracy of ±1% full scale - Surpasses industry standards for
two-cylinder scales - UPS shippable ... Shipping weight under 65 lbs. -
Easy on-site assembly and installation - Factory calibrated - Adjustable
cross-arm with chains to secure cylinders - 1 1/2" high PVC base and
weighing discs eliminates corrosion caused by sweating cylinders - Easy
to read 5-scale length with 150 graduations allows for 1/2 lb.
readability - Ships via UPS.

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Gas Leak Detector


The new REGAL Chlorine or Sulfur Dioxide Gas Detectors are designed for
use wherever chlorine or sulfur dioxide is stored, distributed, or where
potential leakage would pose a risk for personnel and property.

- Properly installed, calibrated, and maintained, the REGAL Gas Leak
Detector senses the presence of free chlorine or sulfur dioxide in the
environment - at levels below those mandated by OSHA - throughout the
working life of the sensor. - 3-digit display and 12 LED bar graph shows
the chlorine or sulfur dioxide gas concentration. - Audible and relay
'warning' alarm at I PPM for chlorine and at 2 PPM for sulfur dioxide
and 'danger 'alarm at 3 PPM for chlorine and at 5 PPM for sulfur
dioxide. - Displays and transmits sensor or signal failures via an LED
and a designated relay. - Maintenance free sensor. - Capable of
transmitting digital information for computerized data logging. - Bar
graph LED representing the highest (10 PPM maximum for CL2 and 20 PPM
maximum for S02) detected level stays lit until manually reset even as
the gas concentration decreases. - No need to flush, purge or
recalibrate the sensor after an exposure to chlorine or sulfur dioxide
gas. - Single, isolated and unpowered 4 - 20 ma analog circuit board is
standard on single-sensor units.
Regal Smartvalve


Chlorinators' new Series 7000 SMARTVALVE is a highly sophisticated
flow proportional control valve, for use wherever chlorine or sulfur
dioxide is needed to treat varying water flow rates.

- Can be factory-configured to operate in either flow proportional or
step rate control mode.

- Valve is always linear when dosage is set at
1:1, because unique "linearization" program in microcontroller
compensates for tolerance differences in valve plugs, rotameters,
component parts, etc.

- Can be operated in the field four ways: fully
automatic, electric/manual, and two (2) methods of manual.

- Adjustable
"low flow" alarm circuit, consisting of an LED and a relay alerts
operator to flow transmitter problems.

Digital displays indicate: -
- Flow rate: in actual numbers. or as a percent of flow.
- Valve plug'position in PPD - (Pounds Per Day) of actual gas feed rate.
-Dosage value
- Mode of operation: Automatic or Electric/Manual
- Low Flow Alarm, in percent.

Regal Electronic Cylinder Scales

electronic Scale

REGAL Series ECS Electronic Cylinder Scales
are very important and recommended accessories
that should be part of all REGAL Gas Feed System
installations. REGAL Series ECS Scales are valuable
diagnostic tools providing the user with instantaneous
and accurate readings of Gross and Net cylinder
weights on bright LCD displays.

The REGAL Model ECS401 is a Single cylinder scale
while the Model ECS402 is a Dual cylinder scale.
Cylinder restraining bars and chains are provided to
keep cylinders in an upright position. Scale base(s)
are solid PVC with a height of 1.5" above floor level
for ease of cylinder loading and unloading.

Annunciator LEDs indicate event and programming
conditions. Optional Low Weight Alarm Relays
are available and are fully adjustable from the
keypad. 4-20 milliamp analog outputs are
available for remote indication or data logging.

REGAL Series ECS Single and Dual Electronic
Cylinder Scales offer an improved design consisting
of solid PVC platforms that can easily accommodate
Chlorine, Sulfur Dioxide or Ammonia 150 lb. gas cylinders.
With the cylinders removed, the PVC platform(s) can be
easily tilted up to facilitate cleaning beneath the
platform(s) when necessary.

Both Single and Dual REGAL Model ECS Scale
Monitor(s) include state-of-the-art electronics in
environment friendly NEMA 4X enclosures. Easy
to read LCD displays present Gross or Net cylinder
weights at the push of a keypad button while bright,
easy to see, different color LEDs indicate programming
and event conditions.

REGAL Series ECS Scales are fully calibrated when
shipped from the factory. A quick and easy installation
of the scale components plus simple wiring by a
licensed electrician and step-by-step instructions
make short work of installation and start-up.